Photogenic LP supercells in NE Colorado, June 15th

Started in Lincoln, NE and headed to near Cheyenne, WY where we expected storms to fire in mid afternoon within upslope flow. These storms were strugling to organize at first with lack of backing LL winds, stayed high based and elevated most of the time. Prior to the evening, when storms moved into NE CO, they simply went crazy. Every tower/storm went quickly striated into nice LP supercells, if only they were all just 2 hrs before so we would see them all in good light. After the first one we saw at least 5 more in the area…

Later in evening, more supercells were firing off the mountains N of Denver and we followed them until mid night, very impressive sightning with striated structure, lightning, Milky way and Moonlight over the structure.

Ended up in Limon, CO for the night and position for today’s chase from E CO into SW KS. Stay tuned!

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