Tornadic supercell near west Point Nebraska, June 14th

Now this was one crazy long day! Woke up in town of Beach which lies on the border of ND/MT and started at 7.30 as we had a planned looong drive to the target in eastern Nebraska, almost 1100km. We made it just in time the storms were firing near the intersection of retreating warm front/outflow boundary from NE/IA border towards NNW while there was a dryline bulge to our SW. The storm that was right on the intersection was trailing on it for almost one hour and more or less stayed stationary. Made several occlusions of the mesocyclone and in extremely high EHI/SREH made an amazing structure. Numerous positive CGs were blasting out of it where it was trying to produce a tornadoes. But didnt, just occasional big cone funnel clouds.

When the meso became rain wrapped, the storm soon got caught by the linear system which was coming from SW. Joined together made a healthy bow echo moving into IA.

In the evening we went ahead of it, but nothing too impressive with the shelf cloud. Just let it over and we waited for the anvil crawlers in the backsheared anvil.

Ended up in Lincoln, NE for the night and position ourselves towards NE Colorado this afternoon’s chase. At the end, we almost did 1000 miles in whole day and all went completely fine, target was done a day before and was a direct hit within 10mi radius (15mi SE of Norfolk, NE). Happy with the results!

Stay tuned!

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