Intense supercells and lightning in Montana, June 13th

Yet another day in Montana, love this place! Started in Billings and we first got a “wake up call from above” as two supercells formed just SW of Billings and we were observing them right from the motel room. Early convection went off the mountains and then died within 2hrs moving NE into strongly capped environment. We quickly found a nice place to change the tire and then headed for Sheridan, WY to position for the afternoon storms. Got on the monster just E of Sheridan which blasted the town and us with golf ball sizd hail.

When this supercell evaporated, we backed up north into S Montana for storms coming towards the evening from the mountains again. Sunset was amazing, but then the main stuff arrived…

… a massive line of storms S of Billings headed NE, so we were driving on I-94 which goes NE nicely and stayed in front of the system for almost 3hrs. Very intense CG lightning strikes from a close range most of the time with very nice tail-end supercell structure near Miles City.

Ended up just across the border in Beach, ND for the night. On route down to eastern Dakotas / northeast NE for this afternoon’s chase. Stay tuned.

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