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Tornadic supercells in central Oklahoma, May 30th

Started in Dodge city and targetted Guthrie, OK area for storms today. Got on the one forming on the dryline which rapidly gained an amazing structure. Then we dropped south to E of OKC area as conditions were there to support any storm coming into the area… caught an evening one near Pauls valley, these two images show them..

Ended up in Purcell, OK for the night. We will be playing extremely unstable and sheared environment in central OK today, CAPEs are up above 5000 J/kg! Stay tuned.

Dusty TX Panhandle, May 29th

Started in Colby and targeting Canadian, TX for a start. Storms fired to our west when we arrived there, but quickly got lined up with embedded supercells. We got on the front one, saw a nice structure and lots of dust and windy conditions. We ran in front of it for awhile, then turned north to intercept the line of storms in SW KS at sunset. Caught a few lightning strikes in the evening N of DDC. Day was expected to be more robust, but seems mid level backed flow ruined the show as most of the stuff went ust linear into MCSes.

Sleep time in Dodge City, then heading to NNE Oklahoma for tomorrow’s chase, stay tuned.

Photogenic “spaceship” supercell in Colorado, May 28th!

Colorado does it again… always loved this place for nice structure on the upslope flow to the Rockies. This time, a frontal boundary was across the central Plains, but there were nice easterlies expected in the wake of the front on the slopes of Rockies ever NE CO into E WY and W NE. We headed to areas W of Julesburg where storms fired in mid afternoon. First storm was a classic supercell there, while there was another one further south approaching us. Was looking quite weak on radar, but when we saw its structure while moving closer, just WOW. An LP supercell but with majestic striations of mesocyclone, it was tornado warned for almost 2 hours. Here are two pics… the first supercell with nice low hanging wall cloud and the 2nd one… the LP mothership beauty…

We then headed to Colby, KS for the night to be ready for tomorrow’s chase down in TX Panhandle. Stay tuned!