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www.InflowJet.NET website ONLINE!!!

Dear visitor,

I am pleased to announce that a final release of the InflowJet.NET website is here. We are ready for the upcoming new US tornado season!

Follow us on and enjoy your ride.


Extremely low relative humidity across NM

A large scale long-wave trough lie near the US western coast with strong mid-level SW-erly jet across the Rockies. With an airmass descending downslope along the eastern side of the Rockies, strong adiabatic heating and drying occured. Several stations across southern CO and much of NM are reporting extremely low dewpoints, even below -20F. With SFC temps in upper 60s/low 70s, relative humidity is well below 5%! SW-erly wind gusts are picking up to 40mph today and are about to increase tomorrow when large trough gets pushed further east.

Notice the city Raton, NM with SFC temp of 71F and dewp -27F! This means the relative humidity is insanely low, only 1%! That is surely a remarkable value!

Here are some details for Raton, NM during the last few hours…

Time (MDT) / Temp / Dewp / Rh
15:53 / Temp 71F / Dewp -27F / Rh 1%
14:53 / Temp 68F / Dewp -29F / Rh 1%
13:53 / Temp 70F / Dewp -26F / Rh 1%
12:53 / Temp 70F / Dewp -20F / Rh 1,5%
11:53 / Temp 67F / Dewp -19F / Rh 2%

And some other stations across NM, CO and TX…

Trinidad, CO / Temp 68F / Dewp -14F / Rh 2,5%
Pueblo, CO / Temp 70F / Dewp -7F / Rh 3,5%
Clayton, NM / Temp 75F / Dewp -22F / Rh 1%
Dalhart, TX / Temp 81F / Dewp -6F / Rh 2,5%

Surely a remarkable event and especially very high dewpoint depression on those stations, 80-100F!

A nice looking supercell with hook echo NE of Lubbuck, TX

An intense supercell is on going NE of Lubbock, TX in the past hour, developing a healthy hook echo on the latest scans when it just got tornado warned. Storm spotters reported a funnel cloud as well.