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Dusty tornadic supercell and shelf clouds in SW Kansas, June 16th

Started in Limon, CO and targeted SE Colorado for storms in the afternoon. Storms coming from the CO moutains were high based for long time while there was an outflow boundary sitting SE-NW oriented from just E of Garden City towards Burlington, CO. One SFC based supercell storm fired near KS/CO border on this boundary about an hour before the line of high based storms came from CO. When they collided, the supercell went rapidly into tornadic phase and produced a big cone funnel lifting some dust on the ground. It was there for short period of time only before intense RFD wrapped the circulation and hit us. We were blasting south to get out of it while tons of dust was blowing into us, what an extreme windy environment that was!

When we later arrived to near Guymon, OK to be on the tail-end charlie storm, there indeed was a big supercell, nicely striated and several intense plates above the wall cloud.

We continued ESE across OK Panhlandle and ended up in Woodward, OK for the night after shooting well structured shelf cloud along the leading edge of an intense bow echo which formed from these afternoon/evening storms and was actually blasting until this morning across S KS, whole OK and parts of NW TX.

Playing NE CO again today, stay tuned.

Photogenic LP supercells in NE Colorado, June 15th

Started in Lincoln, NE and headed to near Cheyenne, WY where we expected storms to fire in mid afternoon within upslope flow. These storms were strugling to organize at first with lack of backing LL winds, stayed high based and elevated most of the time. Prior to the evening, when storms moved into NE CO, they simply went crazy. Every tower/storm went quickly striated into nice LP supercells, if only they were all just 2 hrs before so we would see them all in good light. After the first one we saw at least 5 more in the area…

Later in evening, more supercells were firing off the mountains N of Denver and we followed them until mid night, very impressive sightning with striated structure, lightning, Milky way and Moonlight over the structure.

Ended up in Limon, CO for the night and position for today’s chase from E CO into SW KS. Stay tuned!

Tornadic supercell near west Point Nebraska, June 14th

Now this was one crazy long day! Woke up in town of Beach which lies on the border of ND/MT and started at 7.30 as we had a planned looong drive to the target in eastern Nebraska, almost 1100km. We made it just in time the storms were firing near the intersection of retreating warm front/outflow boundary from NE/IA border towards NNW while there was a dryline bulge to our SW. The storm that was right on the intersection was trailing on it for almost one hour and more or less stayed stationary. Made several occlusions of the mesocyclone and in extremely high EHI/SREH made an amazing structure. Numerous positive CGs were blasting out of it where it was trying to produce a tornadoes. But didnt, just occasional big cone funnel clouds.

When the meso became rain wrapped, the storm soon got caught by the linear system which was coming from SW. Joined together made a healthy bow echo moving into IA.

In the evening we went ahead of it, but nothing too impressive with the shelf cloud. Just let it over and we waited for the anvil crawlers in the backsheared anvil.

Ended up in Lincoln, NE for the night and position ourselves towards NE Colorado this afternoon’s chase. At the end, we almost did 1000 miles in whole day and all went completely fine, target was done a day before and was a direct hit within 10mi radius (15mi SE of Norfolk, NE). Happy with the results!

Stay tuned!