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Photogenic supercells in NE Colorado, June 17th

Started in Woodward, OK after fixing some tire problems, then headed for NE CO where storms were expected in mid/late afternoon. First we intercepted a photogenic supercell near Brush, CO with had really healthy and strong wall cloud.

We followed it for more than 1hr when it dissipated slowly and created a very nice rainbow/mammatus/landscape sunsets ever like on this photo…

We then blasted north into W NE towards an isolated supercell ahead of the small line of storms. It was very nicely shaped and striated, with lots of lightning flashes…

Ended up in Sidney, NE for the night and position for next and actually lasst chase day in eastern CO. Stay tuned.

Calendars for 2013!

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“FineArt” theme:

“Supercells” theme:

“Lightning” theme:

“Tornadoes” theme:

Sample for one month page from the calendar – available in A3 and A4 size:

Sample for one month page of horizontal desktop calendar:

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www.InflowJet.NET website ONLINE!!!

Dear visitor,

I am pleased to announce that a final release of the InflowJet.NET website is here. We are ready for the upcoming new US tornado season!

Follow us on and enjoy your ride.